Why You Should Work with a Copywriter Who Understands Business

Some copywriters specialize in certain industries while others specialize in particular types of copy. What you prioritize when looking for a copywriter is up to you. But there’s one thing that any copywriter you work with should have:

No matter what copywriter you decide to work with, you should work with a copywriter who understands business.


You’ll have more productive interactions with your writer, get copy that focuses on marketing strategy, and give yourself and your customers a drastically improved experience.

Finally Have Effective Communication with Your Copywriter

Working with a copywriter who understands business means your copywriter will be able to easily understand you and you will be able to understand your copywriter. You both will be able to speak the same language when you both use business terminology and approach problems with a business brain.

Have Clear Communication When You Can Use Business Terminology

When your copywriter understands business, you can explain your company’s strategy using business terminology. This saves you the hassle of re-explaining your existing materials and allows you to precisely tell your copywriter what you want in your website. 

With you and your copywriter on the same page, you can get the precise copy you need and get the website you envision.

Work with a Writer Who Makes Sense

Similarly, your copywriter will explain their plan for your copy using business terms. Instead of talking about diction and connotation, the writer will talk about brand image. And instead of talking about theme, your writer will talk about the marketing strategy of your writing.

Get Powerful Custom Copy that Drives Sales

With you and your copywriter on the same page, your business will get copy that precisely targets its goals, short and long-term.

Get Professional Website Writing that Focuses on Your Business

When your writer can thoroughly understand what you tell them about your company, he or she can craft your copy to fit those needs. Your business is unique, and a business-minded writer will understand how to write the best website for your distinctive company.

For example, if your business is an accounting firm with a serious image, your writer will craft copy that inspires confidence in your company by choosing words that convey professionalism. But if your company sells clothing and has a lighthearted brand, then your writer will give you a website that gets your website visitors excited about your business by using short, snappy sentences and punchy words.

Get Business Writing that Works with Your Marketing Strategy

Working with a writer who understands business also means you get copy that concentrates on your market positioning, short-term goals, and long-term strategy.

It’s the difference between copy that just focuses on the writing and copy that begins and ends with questions like

  • How can this website reach more customers?
  • How can this website earn more revenue?
  • How can this website’s writing be used as a marketing asset?
  • How can this website contribute to this company’s current marketing campaigns?

Business-minded writers understand the importance of business strategy, and they know how to write a website that has your business’s goals as its number one priority. Your website should funnel its visitors toward the appropriate product or service: It should be written around your sales goals and growth plans. Is your company developing a new service option? Is this year’s goal to reinvigorate a product line? Is a website part of your next round of marketing campaigns? That’s where a business-savvy writer can help. He or she will be able to examine your current plans and write a website that fits and supports your strategies.

Make Your Life Easier and Improve Customer Experience

Finally, clear communication and quality copy combine to give you and your customers a better experience.

Save Time and Stop Stressing

Clear communication saves you valuable time, and it prevents you from having to do the work of translating business terms into writing terms. When you hire somebody, they should be doing the work, not you—they should be saving you time and making your life easier.

When you understand your writer, you will know exactly what you are getting. This way, you won’t feel uncertain about your website and how it fits into your business as a whole. Not only will you know what you are getting as an end result, throughout the process you will also be able to be confident in what your writer is doing and how those steps will translate to a website that turns visitors into customers. It’s your business, it’s your right to know and understand exactly what your writer is planning.

On top of this, you can know your copy is going to be a notch above when your writer understands business and writes copy that prioritizes business and marketing strategy.  

Improve Customer Service Experience

Ultimately, copy is for your customers. And better copy equals happier customers.

Nothing is worse than sludging through copy that is hard to read. It’s frustrating and boring. Customers want to be able to understand what your company does, what it sells, and why they should buy from you.

When your copy answers customer’s questions, tells them exactly what they need to know about a new product, explains to them what your company is all about, that’s when you know you’re working with a writer who understands business.  

Look at almost any popular company. All of their websites have two overlapping qualities: (1) they are easy to read, and (2) they focus on the businesses’ goals. What each of these two things looks like is different for each business (which is a large part of a copywriter’s job). But put together, these things equal happy customers.

Not only does it mean happy customers, it also means increased customer retention, a higher customer conversion rate, and customers who trust your business.

Final Thoughts

Working with a business-minded writer means you get better copy and a better experience, both for you and your customers. It means confidence in a website that works with your business’s strategy and confidence that you are getting your money’s worth. It means copy you can count on.

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