About Jantz Writing Services

Helping your company reach its goals with business-minded writing.

Ready to stop worrying about your business’s blog and website? Ready to increase customer retention and purchases? Ready to feel confident about your business’s writing?

With a background in writing and business, I’m here to take the stress out of writing.

You work hard running your business, and you’re ready to grow. You want to make your writing match the quality of your products or services. You want your customers to know they’re in the right hands as soon as they view your website.

But you don’t have time to write, research, and edit for your blog. You don’t have time to complete that website renovation you’ve been wanting.

Scared to work with a writer? Worried they won’t understand your business? You’ve come to the right place.

In addition to a background in writing, I have a background in business. Tell me about your business’s strategy. Use technical terms. Explain in your language, and I’ll translate it into your new copy and content.

Get website copy or blog content that brings your website to life, a set of editing eyes on your writing, or even give your site’s search ranking a boost with search engine optimization.

Focus on what you do best—running your company—while giving your business the quality writing it deserves.

About Me

Hello, I’m Jordan Jantz. I’m a content writer and copywriter based in the Twin Cities Metro Area. After watching two sides of my life—business and writing—pass but never intersect, I decided to combine them with this company. With the tag line “Bridging the gap between business and writing,” my objective is to make sure you get copy and content that supports your business and its goals and to ensure that you feel confident throughout the entire process.

A few facts about me:

  • I find treeing sentences according to their syntax relaxing.
  • On clear nights, I enjoy astronomy. Anything space-related is in my wheelhouse.
  • I also love science fiction (books and movies), especially Star Wars.
  • Despite being very detail oriented and liking learning technical skills, creative activities fill up my other hobbies: sewing, crocheting, drawing, digital art, and creative writing.