Should Your Business Hire a Copywriter?

Your website is an invaluable part of your business’s potential marketing assets. And when it comes to website writing, you can either write your own website or hire a copywriter to write your website. But which option is best? Should your business hire a copywriter or should you write your business’s website yourself?

The short answer is it depends on your business’s situation. All businesses will benefit from having a professional write their copy. But if you are excited to write your own copy and are willing to invest the time into researching how to write a professional website, then writing your website might be the route for you, consider it a passion project. But if this isn’t you, should you hire a copywriter?

Get Your Time Back

If you keep putting off writing or revamping your website, then a copywriter can take that website project off your to-do list. It can be as simple as answering a few questions about what you want in your website and letting somebody else do the rest.

While one of us copywriters creates your copy, you can focus on the parts of your business that need immediate attention. Your time is one of your business’s most valuable assets. You know your business the best and are its ultimate decision maker. When you hire a copywriter, you can spend your time on tasks that require you to be actively involved. Rather than drudging through grammar tutorials and looking over search engine keyword lists, you can plan next year’s budget, launch a new product, or get more time in your day back for family time.

As a bonus, with somebody else writing your website, you can focus on the parts of your business that you enjoy. Spend more time doing what made you start your business and still get that new website.

In the end, you will be able to focus your time on other tasks and still get professional copy.

Get Polished Copy and Professional Service

Working with a copywriter means you end up with the most professional end result. A good copywriter will give you copy you can feel confident about. What does this entail?

Polished Copy

A copywriter will deliver error-free copy that fits the tone, branding, and specific needs of your company. Our job is to learn about your company and write a website that fits your current position and supports your future goals.

A copywriter will know what your target market needs from a website. A large part of our job is to get into the head of your target market: Similar to other marketers, copywriters learn about your target market, making sure our materials fit your customers. We know how to pick the right angles, tone, and content. We know what strategies create a website that will lead your customers to make a purchase.

Not only is professional copy customized to your target market, it is also structured to fit your website needs and design. Copywriters consider how your website is laid out and create copy that fits, adapting paragraph length, adding in lists, and formatting the writing to work with your web design.

Additionally, copywriters have professional editing education or experience. Not only do we spot grammar errors and spelling mistakes, but we also spot awkward wording, sentences that are difficult to read, and jargon.

Finally, polished website copy takes search engines into account. For example, a copywriter will choose words for your website that a high number of people search for. This means your website is more likely to reach customers. Search engine optimization also works to get your website on the coveted first page of Google.

Professional Interaction

A copywriter is familiar with working with businesses, which means you can expect to have professional interactions that are part of a well-oiled copywriting system.

Like any business, copywriters have a client/customer onboarding process. This looks different for each copywriter, but our goal is simply to understand what you expect from your website writing so we can write a website that is best for your business. We ask questions that get at the heart of what a solid website will look like for your business. Simple, yet effective.

You can also expect all other interactions with a good copywriter to be professional, courteous, and respectful. Our goal is to make sure you get a website that fits your business’s needs. A copywriter will be excited about your business and your project and support your business’s writing needs. 

If you have any questions along the way, a copywriter will answer them and make sure you are satisfied with your business’s website.

All of this means you will have efficient, productive interactions.

There is a Copywriter that Fits Your Company’s Needs

There are a huge number and variety of copywriters available for hire. A Google search of “copywriter for my business” gathers over thirteen million results. This means there is a copywriter out there for you. Most copywriters have a niche. Mine is that I write business-minded copy, focusing on how writing integrates with your company. Other copywriters focus on writing for creative businesses. Others specialize in certain industries.  

Some copywriters market toward clients who want to simply hand the work off to an expert while others like working with clients who are very hands-on in the process.

Whatever you prioritize when looking for a copywriter, there is a copywriter that fits your business’s needs.

A Copywriter Is within Your Business’s Budget

The advantage of writing your own website is that while it does cost you time, it doesn’t cost your company any money. But if you are concerned about a high price, there are a variety of copywriters, which means there are a variety of price ranges. There are copywriters, like me, who have a target market of small or medium sized businesses and understand we need to keep our prices fair. Copywriting is a service that can fit into any company’s budget.

Back to the Big Picture

Is working with a copywriter right for your company? If you enjoy trying things for yourself and taking a very hands-on approach, then you’ll enjoy writing your business’s website. But if you want to hand the work off to an expert and focus your time on other matters, then your business would benefit from having a copywriter write your website.

Want to learn more about what a copywriter can do for your company? I offer a free initial consultation where you can find out firsthand.

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